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Our Learning Ethos

Our curriculum and approach to learning are driven by the BSM Learning Ethos.

Nursery - Year 2 Year 3 - 13
Secure Individuals  

Sense of self:
Feel safe, supported, valued and are proud of who they are.
Feel enabled to take risks and are confident to share their ideas and have these challenged.
Take responsibility for their actions and always strive to do better.

   6rs-risk-taking-cat  Risk Taking Cat    oryx-confident Confident 
oryx-responsible  Responsible
oryx-risktaker Risk Taker 
Resourceful Learners

The child, as a learner:
Are motivated in doing the best that they can by embracing challenge and demonstrating curiosity in the questions they ask and the ideas they explore. Understand that to succeed they must persevere, and to progress they must reflect, and that in doing so will grow from these experiences.

6rs-reflective-owl  Reflective Owl  oryx-reflective Reflective 
 6rs-resourceful-bee Resourceful Bee   oryx-motivated Motivated 
 6rs-resilient-spider  Resilient Spider    oryx-resilient Resilient 
 oryx-curious Curious 
Respectful Contributors

Interacting with others and the wider world:
Value and appreciate the opinions of others, even if they are different from their own.
Willingly co-operate and work collaboratively in order to achieve more.
Appreciate the world around them and seeks to make a positive contribution to their communities.

6rs-relationships-meerkat Relationship Meerkats oryx-collaborative Collaborative
6rs-respectful-lion Respectful Lion oryx-openminded Open Minded
    oryx-communityminded Community Minded