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Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the world's leading British international schools; offering consistently innovative and inspiring teaching and a broad enrichment programme that allows every pupil to pursue individual passions and interests in world class facilities and a safe, stimulating multi-cultural environment.

Our Mission

British Education International Future

Our Learning EthosKili-portrait

We support all our pupils to become:

Secure Individuals:

  • Feel safe, supported, valued and are proud of who they are;
  • Feel enabled to take risks and are confident to share their ideas and have these challenged;
  • Take responsibility for their actions and always strive to do better.

Resourceful Learners:

  • Are motivated in doing the best that they can by embracing challenge and demonstrating curiosity in the questions they ask and the ideas they explore;
  • Understand that to succeed they must persevere, and to progress they must reflect, and in doing so will grow from their experiences.

Respectful Contributors:

  • Value and appreciate the opinions of others, even if they are different from their own;
  • Willingly co-operate and work collaboratively;
  • Appreciate the world around them and seek to make a positive contribution to their communities. 

The achievement of these aims underpins everything that the School does. Our approaches to teaching and learning, our pastoral care system, and our extensive enrichment programme are all ways in which the School provides opportunities for children to realise their full potential.