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Terms & Conditions

Fees regulations

  1. All fees must be paid in full before your child’s first day at BSM. These are currently the Enrolment Fee (payable on first entry to School only), the Contributory Deposit* and the applicable Tuition fees. For these children starting part way through a term, there is a schedule for Tuition Fees paid on a pro rata basis (in quarter or third of a term stages).
  2. *The Contributory Deposit is refundable on final departure from the School provided

    • One (1) month’s written notice has been given before the end of the term of leaving
    • All fees are paid up to date
    • A satisfactorily completed Leaver’s Form has been submitted to the Accounts Department.

    *N.B.  The monies will be refunded in the form of a cheque made payable to the name on the receipt.

  3. Termly Tuition Fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of term to which they relate. The School reserves the right to refuse to continue to provide education to children whose parents are in arrears, and will withhold references / certificates / reports in such a situation. The School also reserves the right to charge interest at rates that will be approved from time to time by the Board of Governors in respect of Fees that are paid late and in extreme cases, take legal action. Please note that a dishonoured cheque is a criminal offence in Oman.
  4. Each person who has signed the Acceptance Form is liable for the whole of the fees due and any supplemental charges unless the School has agreed in writing to look exclusively to any other party for payment of the fees. Though a company may pay the fees, payment is still the ultimate responsibility of the parent / guardian.
  5. Fees will not be reduced as a result of absence for any reason. Neither will Fees be refunded or reduced for pupils leaving before the end of a term.
  6. There will be supplemental charges for examinations (GCSE, A/S, A Levels), which will include the cost of postage and invigilation. Additional postage charges will be made for return of scripts, university admissions, and the submission of Common Entrance papers.
  7. There will also be supplemental charges for School trips and for some After School Activities, payable in advance. These will be notified in writing before an activity is selected.
  8. General Regulations

  9. Entry into the School and continuance of studies at the school thereafter are at all times subject to the approval and discretion of the Board of Governors who delegate this authority to the Principal.
  10. Admission is conditional upon parental agreement that pupils will participate fully in the curriculum and related activities.
  11. Parents and pupils must act in a manner that is supportive to the schools aims and objectives at all times.
  12. Parents accept that it is the School’s legal duty to provide requested information to Government Ministries. This is usually age, religious denomination and nationality data only, but may include medical and inoculation details.
  13. Your child must follow the requirements of the School in all respects including uniform (including PE uniform), behaviour, deportment, attitude, academic progress and work-ethic.
  14. Your child will be expected to regularly attend school – regular attendance is essential to the education of their peers as well as to their own education. Taking family holidays during term time or finishing school in the week preceding the end of term is very strongly discouraged at British School Muscat. (Such absences are noted on each child’s end of year Academic Reports).
  15. Pupils must not bring into School any items that are deemed a danger to themselves or to other pupils. This includes weapons of any description, cigarettes, lighters or matches, or alcohol.
  16. Parents accept the ICT acceptable use policy.
  17. We would like to use photographs and videos of pupils to share with parents on our website and social media. If you do not want your child's photo to be used or for them to appear in videos, please notify the school in writing.
  18. The School accepts no liability for unsupervised pupils on School property outside of the timings given below.
  19. Pupils are to arrive at school no earlier than 7:15am and are to leave the premises no later than 15 minutes after the end of their school day.  Therefore children are the responsibility of their parents before 7:15am and after the following times:
  20. Foundation Stage

    12:45 pm

    Years 1 & 2

    13:45 pm

    Years 3 - 13

    14:15 pm

    Children participating in extracurricular activities are the responsibility of their parents before and after their activity.

  21. At the sole discretion of the School, your child’s place, or children’s place if more than one child is enrolled, may be withdrawn and he / she / they will be required to leave the School, should any of these conditions be broken by you or your child.