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School Fees 2016-2017

ClassTerm 1Term 2            Term 3Annual Fees
Foundation Stage 1 OMR 1390 OMR 1045 OMR 1045 OMR 3480
Foundation Stage 2 OMR 1690 OMR 1270 OMR 1270 OMR 4230
Years 1 & 2 OMR 1820 OMR 1370 OMR 1370 OMR 4560
Years 3 - 6 OMR 1915 OMR 1435 OMR 1435 OMR 4785
Years 7 - 9 OMR 2545 OMR 1915 OMR 1915 OMR 6375
Years 10 & 11 OMR 2890 OMR 2170 OMR 2170 OMR 7230
Years 12 & 13 OMR 3395 OMR 2540 OMR 2540 OMR 8475

All fees are payable in Omani Rials (OMR).

Please see table below for additional payments for new pupils.

School Policy Regarding Payment of Termly Fees:

  • All fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of term.
  • Invoices will be issued at least two weeks before the end of the previous term.
  • If a pupil leaves before the end of term no refund will be considered.

Discounts and Charges:

  • 5% discount for payment of full annual fees on or before the first day of Term 1.
  • 5% charge for payment by instalments.
  • 5% flat rate penalty charge for late payment of tuition fees on the first occasion.
  • 10% flat rate penalty charge for late payment of tuition fees on the second occasion.
  • 15% flat rate penalty charge for late payment of tuition fees on the third occasion.

Payment of Fees for New Pupils

Type of PaymentAmountDue DateNotes

Reservation Fee

OMR 200

Once a place is available and before entry assessments can begin.

  • Deducted from enrolment fee if child is accepted
  • Forfeit if application is withdrawn at any point after it is paid
  • Refunded if child is not accepted in school

N.B. If the parent does not wish to pay this then the next applicant on the waiting list will be offered the place under the conditions above

Enrolment Fee

OMR 3250

Once child is accepted

Not applicable for entry into FS1 and is deferred until entry into FS2

Contributory Deposit

OMR 100

Once child is accepted

Refundable when student leaves school provided

  • written notice has been received one month before the end of the term of departure
  • all books and school resources have been returned
  • all fees paid up to date

School Fees

See table above

Invoice needs to be settled before your child’s first day at school



If for any reason your child has not settled into the school within six (6) weeks, but has stayed for a minimum of one (1) month, all tuition fees will be refunded, but the Enrolment Fee will be forfeit.