How to help at home

Working together to ensure the best for your child

At the start of the year:

  • Bring in objects about Oman for our Topic Table or learning they have done at home such as pictures, photos or writing to add to our ‘Learning Map’
  • Make a welcome banner with your child with the white card that will be sent home.
  • Send a baby picture to school of your child.

Keep us informed

  • Add your child’s significant achievements at home into their learning diary;
  • Let us know if anything significant is going on at home;
  • Feedback to us about your child’s reading in their ‘Learning Together’ book;
  • Let us know who us taking your child home.

Supporting their learning

  • Talk to your child about their learning (read the topic letters and information boards);
  • Ask your child about their Learning Map, a tool to record what children know, what they want to find out, how they will find our and what they have learnt in the process;
  • Look for opportunities to read EVERYWHERE including signs and labels at home or out and about.
  • Help your child work towards their target turtles (recorded in their Learning Together books);
  • Grasp opportunities for your child to mark make at home;
  • Encourage your child to eat a healthy snack at snack time;
  • Help us to learn how to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to your child in their ‘mother tongue’