Welcome to Primary French. Pupils at BSM have been learning French in Primary for at least 20 years now, so it is a very well-established part of the Primary curriculum.


Our French Teacher

Rosie Kolster





How is French taught at BSM?

Pupils begin in Year 3, using as our core material the highly acclaimed ‘Rigolo’ programme which meets the requirements of the 2014 Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages in a dynamic and interactive way, much loved by the children. This is supplemented by a well-developed French phonics programme which introduces the children to pronunciation of French sounds, as well as a distinct focus on grammar and the verbs and constructions they are learning and using throughout the Key Stage. Woven through all year groups is a strong emphasis on linking ICT to the learning of language, using online resources, recording devices and extensive use of the VLE. Finally, a context for learning French is given by opening their eyes to cultural details about France and French-speaking countries around the world.

Please see the presentation below or click here for more information on modern languages in BSM's primary school.

Year 6 pupils working collaboratively with iPads on a 'Kahoot' quiz in French