How is Humanities taught at BSM?

Humanities is taught in every year group through weekly lessons. Some lessons are stand alone, in order to introduce and reinforce key skills. Others are cross curricular. Humanities is taught through topics with knowledge and skills building from one year to the next. Field work and themed enrichment days support the work being carried out in class. From Year 4, residential trips give our children the opportunity to study their locality in greater depth and to apply skills beyond the classroom. There is effective liaison between the Primary School Humanities Coordinator and the Senior School Heads of Department in history and geography to ensure our pupils are prepared for future studies from Year 7 onwards.

What is taught at BSM?

At BSM we follow the New National Curriculum. This is revised to reflect our position within Oman and the Internationalism of our pupils. This means that we ensure that every year group carries out local studies to find out about their host country, whilst ensuring the programmes of study of the English National Curriculum are covered. As far as possible we choose themes and case studies which are relevant to our pupils.

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