Music is an integral part of the curriculum in the Primary School. In fact, from Nursery all the way up to Year Six music is everywhere!

Our Music Teachers

Susan Proctor

Dan Anthony


Susan-Proctor Dan-Anthony oryx-music

 'Our goal is to foster the children's love of music - whether that be through singing as part of a huge choir, performing solo in front of friends or simply moving to funky tunes! We try to provide opportunities to suit all musical tastes and abilities here at BSM.'


How is Music taught at BSM?

We're very lucky to have great facilities - a large, bright room full of instruments and technology – where children attend specialist music lessons on a weekly basis.

Classroom learning is supported and extended through our extensive music enrichment programme.

What will pupils learn?

In reception music-making and movement is encouraged not only during music lessons but in the classrooms too. Designated music areas are set up in the shared area inside, and in the outdoor classroom for children to use as part of child-initiated learning.

Across Year 1 and 2 the pupil’s specialist music lessons develop their singing ability, sense of pitch, rhythm, music making abilities and listening skills. Singing is frequently used in classrooms as a medium for learning and the children are given opportunities to share these songs by performing them in class assemblies and an  annual Christmas production.

In Key Stage 2 pupils receive two 40 minute lessons a week. One is a class lesson where year group music topics are taught, the other is a whole year group choral practise. This is a great session that teaches the pupils how to sing as a choir. The children then go on to perform these songs in whole school, year group assemblies and the ‘Last Choir Standing’ choral competition. Standard musical notation is introduced in Year 3. Recorders are taught in term two during their class lesson in Years 3 and 4. Pupils will be challenged to work towards their recorder certificates. These range from copper to gold and are linked to the ‘Music Medals’ scheme that some schools use in the UK. Years 5 and 6 use the keyboards as a tool for composition and develop their skills of reading and writing music. Those children that can already read music are extended by leading groups or helping to teach others.

How can you help your child?

Year 3 pupils are encouraged to have their own recorder since independent learning and practice at home is encouraged. Recorders will be available to buy from the school ready for term two. We use Aulos ‘Yellow Bag’ recorders since they are proven to have very good sound quality.



We hold a very informal lunchtime concert every Wednesday. This is 'Superstars'! Anyone can perform and when our acts get chosen each performer gets given a book of 15 tickets. These are then shared amongst their 'fans' who come and support. We've had nearly 100 children performing this year – check out the gallery for their photos.....