At BSM we believe that English underpins our school curriculum by developing the pupil’s abilities to speak, listen and communicate, to think, explore and organize; both collaboratively and independently. This includes helping our pupils to express themselves orally and through writing. We also encourage pupils to read a range of genres in order to develop their comprehension skills and widen their imagination. All teachers have a crucial role to play in supporting the children’s English development through personalised learning.

As a school we follow the English National Curriculum in line with current practice within England which encompasses a tailored Spelling Programme, supporting the National Curriculum requirements for each relevant band.

Our aim is to instil a love for English beyond the classroom setting, as it is a strong belief of ours that learning should be relevant and purposeful. At BSM we will endeavour to create a learning environment that will enable your child to develop, enjoy and optimise their full academic potential.


Our English Subject Coordinators

Carly Briston

Primary English Coordinator




In the Foundation Stage children at BSM are given opportunities to:

  • speak and listen and represent ideas in their activities;
  • use communication, language and english in every part of the curriculum;
  • become immersed in an environment rich in print and possibilities for communication.

During Key Stage 1 children at BSM should:

  • learn to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say;
  • begin to read and write independently and with enthusiasm;
  • use language to explore their own experiences and imaginary worlds.

During Key Stage 2 children at BSM should:

  • learn to change the way they speak and write to suit different situations, purposes and audiences
  • read a range of texts and respond to different layers of meaning in them;
  • explore the use of language in literary and non-literary texts and learn how the structure of language works.

New curriculum information for parents

At BSM Primary School we follow a systematic and lively programme called ‘Read, Write Inc.’ or ‘RML’ (Ruth Miskin Literacy) to help your child learn to read. Phonics is introduced in Nursery and is followed by all children throughout Reception and Key Stage 1. The children are taught phonics daily concentrating on blending (for reading) and segmenting (for writing) however in some instances we find the children may need continued support in Year Three and Year Four. Children are grouped according to their knowledge of sounds in reading. This ensures they receive the best possible support to help them become confident and fluent readers.

Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sound-blend words for reading. The fast paced regular lessons ensure a solid foundation to help secure a child’s understanding of phonics and the colourful, lively storybooks mean children enjoy learning to read and achieve success in reading early on.

Children are encouraged through cross-curricular links to use and build upon the skills they have acquired. 

Below are links to other useful resources:


High Frequency Words


Book Suggestions

We are often asked to recommend books that are popular with children and have a good literary content. Here are some suggestions but we would welcome your views and any others that you think should be added to the list.