Year 3

Year 3 Basics

What are the timings of the school day? Sunday - Wednesday 7:30am - 2pm
Thursdays 7:30am - 1:15pm
What equipment does my child need? School bag
Personal organiser (handed out at school)
Kit for specialist lessons (eg: PE, swimming)


We value the opportunity to talk to parents. If you do have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher by writing a note in the personal organiser. We will answer you in writing or arrange a time to meet if necessary. It helps where possible to arrange a meeting time in advance as we have staff meetings on several days after school.
Please get in touch with your class teacher if you would be prepared to help in school. There are a wide range of opportunities! We would love to hear from anyone who is willing to give up a regular amount of time each week to support guided reading sessions. We would also like occasional help with art and design technology lessons. Please let us know if you have particular skills and interests which you would be willing to share with the children. Please direct any social or school event queries to your class links. Any curriculum or pastoral issues, direct to your class teacher or Year Leader.


One of the children’s concerns is clearly the introduction of homework! We will introduce it gradually over the course of this term.

1. To begin with, the children should continue with the daily reading they have been used to doing in Key Stage One. Regular reading is vitally important and we want to be certain that this remains a part of the children’s routine. There is a space in their personal organisers for the children to record the book title, the page they have reached in their reading, and for you to comment.

2. Once the children become familiar with the KS2 routine we will introduce spelling homework. Spellings will be taught on Sundays and sent home on Mondays, and the children should spend ten minutes each day learning the spelling rules in preparation for a regular weekly spelling test on a Sunday morning. There will be an additional task associated with the spelling each week.

3. Numeracy ‘Passport’ homework will also be introduced. This will be basic mental maths strategies that require regular practice and again will consist of approximately ten minutes homework each day.

What will Year 3 pupils learn?

Term 1 The Egyptians and Rivers
Light and Shadow
Characteristics of Materials
Term 2 Our Locality
Characteristics of Materials
Rocks and Soils
Term 3 The Romans
Magnets and Springs
Teeth and Healthy Eating


As a school we follow the Golden Rules:

  • We respect everyone and everything;
  • We are resilient and resourceful learners;
  • We are honest;
  • We always show good manners;
  • We are good listeners;
  • We work together as a team.