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Art & Design

Elements of Art and Design are everywhere– from the clothes you are wearing to the chairs that you are sitting on, the cars that you drive, the chocolate wrapper you discarded, the houses you live in; all of these man- made objects started with an idea in the form of a drawing, a design. And if that is not enough, the beauty of nature around us and the visual recording of human existence is painted, photographed, drawn and represented in a multitude of ways and with a multitude of techniques. Art and design is everywhere...  

‘The Artists’ world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep’ Paul Strand, (Photographer and Film Maker)

Our Art and Design Teachers


Alex McHenry

Hayley-Anne Myhill

Sandra Rayner

Hayley-Anne-Myhill Sandra-Rayner

What will students learn?

Students learn about how Art and Design is a vehicle to express a wide variety of cultural, historical, social and political activities. Students are also encouraged to express their own personal interests, experiences, beliefs and feelings. They pursue creative lines of enquiry with an inquisitive nature leading to the creation of a diverse visual language.

Students are taught to develop a strong visual and tactile language through painting and drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, digital imaging and three-dimensional work. Independent learning skills are practiced within diverse schemes of work and rich visual stimuli.

We believe that students must enjoy and achieve in their education and our subject allows that in abundance. Creative fulfilment is a key to success. If students enjoy their work, they will work hard, so we endeavour to make our schemes of work interesting, exciting and relevant.

Individual and imaginative reactions to themes are encouraged at all points, so that students become effective and powerful visual communicators.

The Art & Design department is housed within 2 Art studios joined by a separate working corridor where the Apple Mac Computers and Art library are situated. Both rooms are vibrant and lively places that fuel students’ imagination with their stimulating and informative displays.

We welcome visitors who often comment on the positive and productive atmosphere. We are happy that students frequently use the Art studios to pursue their studies, at lunchtimes and after school.

The excellent results that students in our department consistently produce are showcased in an annual exhibition at the Omani Society for Fine Arts.

‘Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.’
Walt Disney