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Computing and Business

We have an experienced teaching team who put students at the heart of what we do.  We explore and evaluate a range of evidence-based teaching and learning methodologies in a continued effort to improve learning and outcomes.

To support and deepen learning, the department makes use of current news within the world Business and Economics.  Where relevant, we also explore possibilities in and around Muscat where the context is more familiar to students.

‘Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision,’
Peter F Drucker.

Our Computing and Business Teachers

Darren Benson

Greg Brown

Matthew Tipton

How are Computing and Business taught?

Within the department, we work as a Professional Learning Community (PLC).  We understand the need to work collectively and individually in order to best serve the needs of our students.  We explore and share innovative pedagogy and resources that support and improve learning.

In support of the School's Vision, where we will develop learning-to-learn skills with students we, as a Department, strive to develop the School's Steps to Learning Mastery.

To support this, we believe each student should have ubiquitous access to learning resources.  As a consequence, the Department is a strong and leading proponent within BSM of the school’s VLE.  Access to resources in this way allows the department to provide not only differentiated resources but this provision also goes towards personalising learning for each student.

What will students learn?

The Departmental Teaching and Learning Philosophy is as follows:

  • Provide a safe, engaging and stimulating learning environment
  • Ignite a love for learning
  • Develop autonomous learning in our students
  • Shift ownership of learning onto the shoulders of our students
  • Allow students to define, face and to solve problems
  • Explore the different roles and impact of group work
  • Development of "soft skills" such as leadership, communication, presentation and teamwork
  • Support and enhance learning through technology, using a wide range of resources
  • Provide students with personalised, independent research and fact finding opportunities
  • Provide students with local, contextualised case studies
  • Provide good quality, timely verbal and written feedback to support learning and progression
  • Where possible, provide regular 1-2-1 discussions and feedback, in and out of class
  • Develop exam technique
  • Provide a welcoming, professional open door policy for students to support learning
  • Help to prepare students for their career and/or university life

Exam-Level Subjects

At GCSE, we offer:

                                       At A-Level, we offer:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies
  • Economics & Business
  • Economics


‘Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living,’
Nicholas Negroponte.