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Dance is a popular subject across all key stages and dance clubs are offered to students from Year 1 right through to year 13. The clubs are always well attended and aim to offer students opportunities to enjoy the experience of dancing, develop each individual’s ability and work towards performance pieces. The enthusiasm and commitment from the dancers means that working with them is a real pleasure.

‘One thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing,’
James Brown.

Katie Bamforth


I have been dancing from an early age and have always enjoyed performing, I started dance classes for pure enjoyment and it was only when entering into my teens I realised that the only path in life I would take was the one that involved me dancing along it!

My aim at BSM is for my enthusiasm and passion for dance to rub off onto the students, whether they take part in dance for fun or choose to consider it at examination level. Dance activities are popular at BSM and I hope to build on this by creating stronger community links in the future

What will students learn?

The Dance department offers students performance opportunities and clubs throughout the year. All senior dancers, as well as our BSM dance company, are offered the chance to perform within the senior school production in term 1, all students from years 1-13 have dance clubs offered in the lead up to our whole school dance production in term 2 and year 5-10 are given the opportunity to then choreograph their own pieces in groups in the lead up to our choreography competition in term 3.

The annual dance production contains performances from a number of different year groups in the primary and the senior school. There is a mixture of dance from after school clubs and curriculum work, as well as students’ exam choreographies. The dance production is a great opportunity for the dancers to perform to a large audiences as well as showcasing work to parents, families and staff members.

Another annual event is the BSM Oscars night, in which the achievements of the dancers, musicians, dramatists and film makers within the school are celebrated. It is a chance to both celebrate achievements and present the pupils work in a formal environment.

More recently we have also established an end of year choreography competition open to students from years 5 upwards, whereby students work in their friendship groups to create their own dance pieces. Everything from the music choice, lighting and costume ideas and movement material is all selected by the students themselves, to then be performed to friends and family as well as the judging panel. Trophies and certificates are awarded for primary and secondary category winners.

In dance we welcome all pupils that are keen and enthusiastic and above all want to have fun!

‘The philosopher's soul dwells in his head, the poet's soul is in his heart; the singer's soul lingers about his throat, but the soul of the dancer abides in all her body,’
Kahlil Gibran.