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Film & Media Studies

Our Film and Media Studies Teacher

Maurice Moul





'The aim of teaching Media Studies is to create in young people the ability to consume the media, rather than being consumed by it..'

Media Studies at BSM

Media Studies at both GCSE and A Level will provide students at BSM two foundations with which to take forward into the next phase of their lives, Firstly it will help them understand the methods that the various media platforms use in order to manipulate their lives: the generic codes of the film industry; the way television interacts with its audience; how advertisers appeal to their audiences; how social media provides a range of platforms which allow communication on a multiple of levels. Understanding the intentions of the media producers will inform the choices they make in using and consuming media products. Secondly, it will provide a springboard into a range of university courses from Film & Television Production through to Advertising and Public Relations. This, in turn, is a stepping stone into a career in the film, television, publishing, advertising industries, and many more. Indeed, since introducing Media Studies at BSM in 2009, over 20 students have taken up courses in a variety of universities and we now have our first cohort working in media based careers across the world.

Film Studies at BSM

While Media Studies provides a broad range of knowledge across many medias, Film Studies allows the students to look at one industry in depth. This takes the form of study in genre, audience and industry to varying degrees as they move through the GCSE and A Level modules. They will have an insight into the film industries of the UK and Hollywood, before moving into World Cinema and the different cultural traits of different national cinemas. More importantly, they will work in the practical fields of filmmaking, from pitching ideas and storyboarding, through the techniques of cinematography and finally learn the intricacies of editing and special effects. This then leads to a more specialised route through university and into the film industry, where we already have past students working on projects, creating productions and receiving awards from international film organisations.

At BSM we are aiming to provide opportunities for students to specialise in a creative subject and inspire them to embark on career paths which they will find innovative, fulfilling and rewarding.