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At BSM we aim to maximize the sporting opportunities available to all our students. Sport is an integral part of  British School Muscat’s curriculum and forms an integral part of the after school ‘Enrichment’ programme as well. It is our role as PE teachers to involve, excite and motivate our students to participate in sport whatever their ability and level of experience. We offer a vibrant and exciting programme that begins in Nursery and runs right through to providing opportunities for our Sixth Form Students. We have extensive sporting facilities including a 25m swimming pool, artificial football/hockey pitch, an air conditioned Sports Hall with 6 badminton courts, 2 multi-purpose halls and a fitness suite. These facilities enable us to provide a wide range of competitive and non-competitive events throughout the year. We encourage participation, individual and squad achievement and personal excellence.

We trust in the concept of ‘sport for all’ and believe that regardless of a child’s previous experience we can help them find a physical activity to enjoy and one which they will hold with them for a lifetime. Our departmental goal is that by the time they leave British School Muscat every student will not only have an appreciation of sport but also understand the importance of physical activity on their health and well being.

'It is not about being the best, it is about being the best you can be.'

Our PE Teachers

Jeremy Wyre

Duncan Grey

Ed Price



Anna Bennington

Katie Bamforth

Ian O'Sullivan


How is PE taught at BSM?

Within PE lessons students will experience a wide range of activities, from individual activities like swimming, athletics and fitness training through to traditional team games such as football, rugby, netball and basketball. 

Sports are often adapted to be suitable for children of different ages. An example of this would be T-Ball is a striking and fielding game played by children in the Primary School. By the beginning of Key Stage 3 it has been adapted to the more traditional Striking and Fielding Game of Rounders and then in KS 4 we introduce the students to the more complex Striking and Fielding Game of Softball.

In addition to this we also offer PE and Dance examination courses at both GCSE and A Level. The faculty is made up of 6 fully-qualified PE teachers and 2 part time PE staff. In addition, there is also a fulltime swimming co-ordinator and a full time Dance Co-ordinator. These staff work together to provide excellent teaching in lessons and excellent coaching for the school sports teams and during the school’s after-school sports clubs.

As mentioned, in addition to PE lessons, the faculty runs an extensive year-round programme of competitive sport and recreational sports clubs, which is part of the school’s overall Enrichment programme. Athletics, basketball, swimming, football, netball, gymnastics, badminton, cricket, trampolining and volleyball are all established activities that have well-developed training programmes in place and offer participants the opportunity to compete in inter-school events, both in Muscat as well as overseas.

BSM has a sustained commitment to the Secondary Sports Leagues (MSSL). The school’s sporting structure is also underpinned by BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) which creates additional sporting opportunities for participation in events in and around the Middle East region.

These BSME events further promote and encourage opportunities for healthy competition, pursuit of excellence, social and cultural interaction and the development of friendships within the region as a whole.

‘A team will always appreciate a great individual if he's willing to sacrifice for the group,’
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar