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Science is an essential part of everyday life. At all stages, the science courses at BSM build a diversity of knowledge, understanding and skills. There is a strong focus on practical work, including the interpretation and manipulation of data, and on "how science works" in daily things. Our mission is to provide students with high quality teaching and thorough individual support to allow each student to maximize their potential.

'Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.' Stephen Hawking

Our Science Teachers

Paula Downing

Kim Ash

Dominic Hoskyns

Jonathan Schubert

Dominic-Hoskyns jonathan-schubert




Matthew Clark

Thomas English

 Lizzi Marshall

 Abdirizak Maie

Matthew-Clark Lizzi-Marshall Abdirizak-Maie




Damian Rayner

Asfia Naveed

Stephen Davies

Andrew Wan

 Damian-Rayner  Asfia-Naveed  Stephen-Davies  Andrew-Wan


How is science taught at BSM?

Science is taught in tutor groups in years 7&8 and in ability sets from year 9 onwards. Students in our low ability classes are taught in smaller classes to facilitate more 1:1 support.


What will students learn?

At KS3 we follow the "Exploring Science" scheme, which offers a wide diversity of knowledge and experience. The focus of the course is "how science works", practical applications of science - not just reciting of facts - and lots of experimental hands-on experience for the students. Emphasis is also placed on developing student's scientific vocabulary.

At KS4 we enter students for AQA iGCSE.

  • Students in 11-1 will be entered for triple award examination, achieving three iGCSEs.
  • Students in 11-2 and 11-3 will aim to be entered for Double Award Higher iGCSE. (grades A*-C), unless they are struggling in certain areas, then foundation papers (grades C-E) can considered. They will achieve two iGCSEs.
  • Students in 11-4 will be supported in individual decisions, based on the best outcome for each subject. They will also achieve two iGCSEs.

At KS5 students read for Biology, Chemsitry or Physics IAL examinations with the Edexcel exam board. The International A-Level (IAL) is recognised by all UK and international universities, thus providing our students with a smooth transition to any country they wish to study in.

More detailed information can be found under the curriculum tab for each year group.