Teaching & learning

Our Learning Ethos

Our Learning Ethos underpins learning and teaching throughout the school.

The aim of our Learning Ethos is to nurture and support our pupils to grow into:

Hard Working and Secure Individuals

  • Practice
    Train and prepare through repetition of the same processes.
  • Responsible
    Choose right from wrong.
    Be honest about mistakes.
    Come ready and prepared for school.
  • Persevere and be Resilient
    Persist in effort, face obstacles but never give up.
    Work diligently and systematically.
    Not be satisfied until high quality, precision and the desired outcome are achieved.
    Change what I need to.
    Not be put off by mistakes.

Agile and Resourceful Learners

  • Motivated
    Work hard because it matters.
    Plan independently.
    Think and do things for myself.
  • Curious and Enquiring
    Ask questions about what I have learnt.
    Explore new ideas in my learning.
    Question what I see, hear and read.
  • Reflective
    Think and talk about what I have learnt.
    Improve what I have learnt.
    Use what I have learnt to make choices.
  • Creative and Enterprising
    Be willing to innovate and invent multiple solutions.
    Adapt my approach according to need.
    Show originality in work.
    Use initiative to find solutions.
  • Risk Takers
    Think, then have a go.
    Find new ways to solve a problem.
    Do things differently to do them better.
  • Open Minded
    Change my ideas because of what I’ve seen, heard or read.
    Think about things from another’s point of view.
    Accept others have different ideas.

Empathetic and Respectful Contributors

  • Confident
    Talk about ideas clearly.
    Enjoy new challenges.
    Be confident in saying and doing.
  • Collaborative
    Find out what other people think.
    Find answers with other people.
    Include other people.
  • Community-minded
    Help others.
    Make a difference at BSM and in the community.
    Take care of the world around me.

High Performance

British School Muscat is a High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School. We were only the third international school in the world to achieve this award in 2019.

The High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School Award recognises the very best schools in the world and is designed for those at the forefront of educational thinking. They have teaching and learning at their heart and are committed to moving from some students learning at high levels to all students learning at high levels. Schools that have undertaken HPL’s rigorous 2-year World Class School Award scheme have met demanding standards and have transformed the way they function. They have changed attitudes and practices amongst staff, students and parents and see that translated into better results and outcomes for their students. When the HPL philosophy and framework is fully embraced, the effect is transformational.

HPL develops the essential skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to reach success, both in school and beyond. Students learn how to succeed through the use of a consistent educational language that is shared between students and teachers; it enables students to think flexibly and creatively while developing the capability to self regulate when things don’t go to plan.

This provides students with lifelong skills to be high performing learners.

The consistent educational language that is used can be seen in our BSM Learning Ethos and our BSM Thinking Skills.

You can read more about High Performance Learning on the HPL website